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Customs-Service & Expertise

At Moe's Transport Trucking, our team has the experience to handle all of your customs requirements and ensure compliance with all border crossing legislation. We participate in the following programs and initiatives:
  • ACE-Automated Commercial Environment
  • CSA-Customs Self Assessment for clearance into Canada
  • PARS-Pre-Arrival Review System for clearance into Canada
  • FAST-clearance into the USA
  • PAPS-Pre-Arrival Processing System for clearance into the USA
  • Line Release-clearance into the USA
  • Clearance from USA to USA
  • C-TPAT -- Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • Bonded- for clearance into the USA and Canada

Accessorial charges are extra charges assessed to your freight in addition to the base transportation costs. The term Accessorial refers to a particular service or condition other than the basic transportation, which is usually described in the Tariff Rule and for which a charge may be added. These may include driver detention, additional labour and storage charges. For current accessorial charge rates, please contact us.